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Businesses in the transportation industry are exposed to a number of serious risks on a daily basis. Without the proper amount of protection, a single accident or error can cause your company significant financial distress. Fortunately, you can reduce these risks and protect yourself from liability with the help of the Warren G. Bender Co.

Insurance for Transportation Companies

Transportation companies typically need several different types of insurance. Some of the most common policies chosen by companies in this industry include:

Fleet Insurance

Whether you operate a fleet of cars or semi-trucks, you need an adequate fleet insurance policy to protect your company from liability in the event of an accident. Because fleet vehicles are a significant investment, it’s also wise to choose a policy that covers damage to your own vehicles, as well as those of other drivers.

Cargo Insurance

If your company transports cargo, you need cargo insurance to protect the value of the items you carry in the event of damage, theft or vandalism.

Property Insurance

Many transportation companies work out of warehouses, garages or other structures. Purchasing property insurance will protect your structures, inventory and equipment in the event of damage or loss.

Workers’ Compensation

When drivers, managers and other personnel become injured or ill on-the-job, your company can be held responsible. Be sure to purchase an adequate workers’ compensation policy to cover any claims your employees may file. Keep in mind that a certain amount of coverage is typically mandated by law, so any policy you purchase must provide at least the minimum required coverage.

Contact the Warren G. Bender Co.

Choosing the proper insurance policies for your transportation business can be difficult. The Warren G. Bender Co. has more than 75 years of experience in the risk management industry, and we can help you secure the policies that are best for you. In addition to providing superior coverage solutions, we can also help with loss control, claims management, employee benefits and more. Contact us today to discuss your needs.

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