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With more than 75 years working in the insurance industry, Warren G. Bender Co. has come to understand that not all companies have the same needs when it comes to insurance coverage. As a nonprofit, your risks, insurance requirements and budget are unique. Fortunately, we have the expertise necessary to help you develop a comprehensive coverage plan that works for your organization.

Types of Coverage

Nonprofit organizations may need several types of business insurance, including:

  • General Liability Insurance – Protects your business from third-party claims of injury or property damage.
  • Auto Insurance – Satisfies your state’s auto liability insurance requirements and protects you from loss because of accidents involving your organization’s vehicles.
  • Property Insurance – Protects your organization’s investment in buildings, equipment and inventory in the event of damage, theft or vandalism.
  • Professional Liability Insurance – Protects the organization, volunteers, staff and officers in legal matters involving workplace crimes or management problems.
  • Directors and Officers Insurance – Protects board members against accusations of financial mismanagement or fraud.
  • Products Liability Insurance – Provides protection against claims of defective or dangerous products. This type of coverage is essential if you sell products to raise money.

Depending on the specifics of your organization’s activity, you may need all of the types of insurance listed above or only a few. Coverage options and limits may also vary. We can help you review your risks and obtain policies suited to your nonprofit’s individual needs.

Other Services

In addition to helping you protect your organization with insurance products, the Warren G. Bender Co. can also provide other useful services. Other services we provide include:

Claims Management and Loss Prevention

Our team of safety and risk management experts can help your nonprofit recognize and control risks. Our claims management staff will help facilitate quick, clean resolution of claims so that your business loses as little time and money as possible.

Employee Benefits

Nonprofit organizations often work with tight budgets. Let us help you design employee benefit packages that please your staff without going over budget. We can help with standard employee benefits, such as health insurance, as well as executive/individual benefits, such as business continuation programs and long-term disability insurance.

Industry Specialization
Industry Specialization
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