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Environmental risks are an issue for many different types of businesses, including manufacturing companies, construction businesses, laboratories, healthcare facilities and many more. If left unchecked, these risks have the power to bring your business to its knees by damaging your reputation and causing significant financial loss. Fortunately, the Warren G. Bender Co. has more than 75 years of experience in the insurance industry. Our team can evaluate your level environmental liability exposure, help you minimize individual risks and work with you to design a plan that will protect your business from liability as much as possible.

Evaluating Environmental Risks

Environmental risks can take many forms, from chemical leaks to air pollution. With our expertise and industry experience, we can analyze your business from top to bottom to identify every possible source of risk. Once all environmental risks are identified, we can help you address each one through preventative actions, including education and procedural changes. However, since environmental risks cannot be eliminated completely, we will also help you protect your company financially with environmental liability insurance.

Insurance Options

When it comes to protecting yourself from environmental liabilities, you have several options, including traditional environmental liability coverage from a third-party insurer, self insurance, captives and more. All of these approaches to insurance have their own advantages and disadvantages, and some may be better suited for your company than others. The Warren G. Bender Co. can help you compare each of these options and decide which strategy is best for protecting your company from liability.

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If your company faces the possibility of environmental exposures, you need to have protective measures in place before something happens. Contact the Warren G. Bender Co. today to learn more about minimizing environmental risks and protecting your company from liability.

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