Loss Control

Your company is exposed to risk on a daily basis. How well you manage and prepare for these risks can affect the ultimate success of your business. Here at the Warren G. Bender Co., we have many years of experience analyzing risks and developing loss prevention plans. With our help, you can minimize losses and maximize profitability.

About Loss Control

The process of loss control involves identifying your business’s sources of risk, minimizing these risks and preparing a plan of action for possible incidents before they occur. Examples of risks we may identify include:

  • Worker injuries (workers compensation)
  • General liability
  • Auto liability
  • Products liability
  • Equipment breakdowns and malfunctions
  • Cyber risks
  • Industrial hygiene
  • Fire safety
  • Risk of theft/burglary
  • Ergonomics

Working with the Warren G. Bender Co.

When you choose the Warren G. Bender Co. for loss control, you can rest assured that our team will be both thorough and effective. We will begin the loss control consultation process by carefully assessing and documenting the various risks that may affect your company. During our assessment, we will not only identify the risks you face, but we will also evaluate the likelihood of each risk and its possible impact on your business.

After we understand all of your company’s exposures, we will develop a plan to reduce each risk as much as possible. For example, we may reduce the risk of worker injury by helping you develop an employee safety training program, suggesting operational changes or advising you to upgrade or replace equipment. Likewise, we may reduce the risk of fire damage by suggesting an automatic sprinkler system and/or the elimination of unnecessary fire hazards in your buildings.

Finally, the experts at the Warren G. Bender Co. will help you implement the risk reduction strategies we developed. We will also help you plan to resolve any problems that occur in spite of your efforts to reduce risk so that losses and downtime are both minimized.

Ongoing Risk Management

Keep in mind that business risks are always subject to change. Aging equipment, changes in technology and the addition of new products or services can all alter your company’s risk exposure over time. For this reason, the Warren G. Bender Co. recommends and ongoing loss control relationship. As your business evolves, we will help you re-evaluate risks at regular intervals so that your business can reach its full potential.