Protection through Employee Benefits

Offering a variety of employee benefits is an excellent way to improve your business’ appeal to prospective employees and boost morale among current employees. In addition, for businesses with 50 full-time employees or more, to avoid tax penalties, group health insurance is now required by law. Finding the right group plans ensure that your employees are taken care of and that you are meeting all of your obligations under the law.

With the majority of group plans being eligible for pre-tax benefits, it is a ‘win win’ for the employer and the employees.  Even businesses with limited budgets find that offering voluntary plans reduces their workers’ comp payroll and payroll taxes.

At Warren G. Bender Co., our goal is to listen to your needs and build the group benefits program that will help accomplish your long term goals.  We offer a variety of group plans both voluntary and contributory such as:

⇒  Health

⇒  Dental

⇒  Vision

⇒  Gap/ Medical Bridge

⇒  Life and Accidental Death

⇒  Disability

⇒ Accident

⇒ Critical Illness

⇒ Cancer Coverage

⇒ Long Term Care

⇒ Employee Assistance Program

⇒ Doctors by Phone

Superior Service and Education Through Benefit Consulting

As we listen to your needs and build a program customized for your organization, we are also looking at and providing:

  • Complete analysis of your current program
  • Review of your objectives
  • Regulatory compliance analysis to help meet the requirements of the IRS and the Department of Labor
  • Informative and valuable seminars and webinars
  • In and out of the box solutions including:
    • Health Reimbursement Arrangements
    • Health Savings Accounts
    • Gap plans combined with high deductible programs
    • Captive, Level Funded or Self-Funded solutions
    • Wellness programs

As we listen to your needs and build a program customized for your organization, we also offer a way to reduce the hassle of the enrollment process by offering:

  • Online enrollment portals tailored to fit your ongoing benefit needs for enrollment and beyond.
  • On site enrollment facilitation and instruction with personalized enrollment packets
  • Per pay period calculation
  • Processing of additions and terminations
  • Employee Claims support
  • Online Human Resources & Labor Law support program.
  • Federal COBRA Administration
  • Creation and distribution of the required documents such as Summaries of Benefits and Coverage (SBCs), Summary Plan Description (SPD) and Medicare Creditable Coverage Notifications.

With the increased government regulations and rising costs, you’ll find that having our team become part of your team is the best way to obtain protection, superior service and education for your company and your employees.