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Trump Administration Seeks to Reduce Regulations

President Donald Trump has recently taken steps to fulfill his campaign promise to eliminate up to 75 percent of federal regulations. The president believes that limiting the introduction of new regulations and eliminating those that are no longer needed will help businesses grow without worrying about regulatory burdens. The Trump administration issued two directives to reduce regulations:

• A memorandum that directs federal agencies to freeze regulations that have not yet become effective
• An executive order that requires federal agencies to eliminate two regulations for every new regulation that they propose

These two directives include exemptions for emergencies and national security. However, until the freeze on new regulations is over, there is no established process for repealing old regulations and proposing new ones.

Supporters of the Trump administration’s directives believe that businesses will benefit as their compliance responsibilities are rolled back. However, opponents argue that public protections may now come second to profit.

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Filed under: Recent Headlines — Jillian Bender-Cormier @ 9:59 pm March 1, 2017