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Predictive Analytics & Workplace Risk

Predictive analytics (PA), or using data and other analytics to predict future events, is gaining popularity among employers because the information can be used to reduce the risk of on-the-job death, injury and disease.

If injuries can be accurately predicted, they can be successfully prevented. If PA for your industry shows a higher occurrence of employee injuries during second shift work, you may want to check in with your employees working those hours, ensure that they understand all safety procedures and retrain them if necessary.

PA can be helpful in improving safety and health, but there are some barriers that can weaken its effectiveness. Some barriers include:

  • Limited knowledge or skills of employer or employees
  • Negative attitude of employer or employees towards the use of PA or changes in operations
  • Inability to interpret the data
  • Lack of motivation to apply data to make improvements
  • Limited or no access to data relevant to your industry or specific worksite

If you are interested in using analytics to help improve your safety efforts, let us provide you with a personalized copy of the 2014 OSHA Benchmarking Report, which uses data analytics to identify the top risk factors affecting your industry segment.

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