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OSHA: 10K Fewer Violations in 2014

Last month, OSHA released its enforcement summary statistics for fiscal year (FY) 2014, which showed a significant decrease in the number of violations. In FY 2014, there were 67,491 total violations, compared to 78,186 total violations in FY 2013.

However, those numbers come with a caveat. OSHA noted in its release that the federal government shut down from Oct. 1-16, 2013. The agency blames the shutdown for the reduced number of inspections in FY 2014, (36,163) when compared to FY 2013 (39,228).

Still, while the agency admits that part of the reduction in violations can be attributed to the reduced number of inspections, it estimates that, without the government shutdown, there would have been approximately 71,000 violations recorded in FY 2014—approximately 7,000 fewer than in the previous year.

Overall, the statistics show that employers are making serious strides in workplace safety. Since FY 2010, the number of total violations has fallen by nearly 30,000, and the number of total serious violations has fallen by more than 25,000.

Employers who are concerned about workplace safety have a number of resources available to them. OSHA provides compliance assistance services online, as well as free on-site assistance for small employers.

Additionally, you can contact your advisors at Warren G. Bender Co. for guidance, information and training materials related to OSHA compliance.

Filed under: OSHA,Safety — Jillian Bender-Cormier @ 9:26 pm October 26, 2015