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New OSHA Rule Leads to Major Spike in Injury Reporting

According to Dr. David Michaels, the assistant secretary of labor for OSHA, the agency’s new rule for reporting serious injuries has led to a dramatic increase in reports.

The new reporting rule requires an employer to notify OSHA within 24 hours of a worker suffering an amputation, loss of an eye or any incident resulting in at least one worker being admitted to a hospital for inpatient care.

Even though it’s only been in effect since Jan. 1, Michaels says that the agency has seen a dramatic impact. Hundreds of reports have been coming in every week, including some from employers OSHA had never been in contact with before.

Michaels explained that the rule allows OSHA “to impact a larger number of employers than we would have with simply doing inspections.”

The hope is that increased reporting can make more workplaces safer, even without inspections. Michaels notes, however, that OSHA is still very early in the process.

Filed under: OSHA,Safety — Jillian Bender-Cormier @ 5:29 pm June 25, 2015