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Increase Your Cyber Security in 2015

Based on the number of incidents, 2014 could be considered the “Year of the Data Breach.” But in 2015, even more businesses could end up falling victim to a breach, so you should stop considering a data breach as a possibility and recognize it as an expectation—and take the right steps to protect your company’s data.

Here are four things to focus on to increase your cyber security in 2015:

  1. Use multiple proactive defenses: Relying only on your antivirus protection or firewall is not enough anymore. You may need to start from the beginning to create a multi-layered approach to ensure that all your data and every device used in your network is protected.
    1. Protect your data: Control who can access certain information by creating different levels of access based on a user’s role within your company.
    2. Consider two-factor authentication: This security step helps prevent a hacker from using stolen or shared credentials against you. This can also be an effective layer in your multi-layered approach.
    3. Work with your security measures: Stringent security measures can negatively affect user productivity if it impedes users’ freedom and flexibility.

    This year, be proactive about your cyber security. The best way to combat a data breach is to be ready and prevent it before it happens.

Filed under: Cyber Liability — Jillian Bender-Cormier @ 6:12 pm February 23, 2015