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Cyber Security Named Biggest Risk in New Survey

In the Graham Company’s 2015 Business Risk Survey, 21 percent of respondents named cyber security as the threat that they were most concerned about, making it the top risk among those surveyed.

The survey also shows that companies are becoming increasingly aware of the growing ways in which a cyber attack could threaten business. While respondents mentioned their concern over the theft of customer and employee information was their biggest worry, the responses indicate that decision-makers are also concerned about emerging cyber threats, such as the theft of intellectual property.

Still, that concern doesn’t necessarily translate into action. Only 61 percent of respondents said that they felt prepared for cyber security risks, and only 56 percent said they had completed an IT, network or cyber security audit within the past two years.

Filed under: Cyber Liability — Jillian Bender-Cormier @ 9:17 pm October 26, 2015