Staying Safe While Playing Sports

Every day, millions of youths participate in recreational sports. While these activities build the body and mind, they can also lead to serious injuries if the proper safety precautions are ignored. To avoid injury, parents should do the following:

• Tell your child to abide by the rules of the sport.
• Schedule a physical examination to make sure your child is cleared to participate in physical activity.
• Purchase the proper apparel and protective gear for your child.
• Instruct your child to warm up and stretch before and after playing a sport.
• Make sure your child drinks plenty of fluids before and during the sport.
• Don’t let your child play if they are extremely tired or in pain.

If your child experiences any pain or discomfort following a game, prompt treatment can often prevent a minor injury from becoming worse. If you notice the following warning symptoms, consider scheduling a doctor visit:

• Inability or decreased ability to participate in the sport
• Visible deformity, such as a shoulder out of joint
• Severe pain in the extremities

Keeping these tips in mind will ensure that your children stay safe and healthy whenever they participate in a sport.

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