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The CA Fire Situation – a note from our VP of Personal Risk Management

Update by Denise Metz, CISR, CPSR, CPRM

California has certainly seen its share of wildfires this month. While the smoke in our area is clearing, there are still several fires raging on. Below is information I obtained from As you will see most of the fires have some containment.

We have been fortunate as, out of the many Warren G. Bender Co. clients we have in the area, we have just one home that has been a total loss. This client is insured through Nationwide Private Client who is a premier carrier with robust coverages. I foresee one of the biggest challenges will be with the loss of use coverage. This coverage, simply put, will pay for our client to obtain housing until their home is habitable again. With Nationwide Private Client the coverage for this is on an actual loss sustained with no time limit basis. With other carriers this coverage can range from as low as 20% of the dwelling limit to a 12 month time frame (most commonly seen). Given the devastation of these fires, one can reasonably conclude there will be a shortage of materials and labor which is sure to cause significant delays when it comes to the rebuilding of these homes. I’m certain we will hear many stories about how long it is taking to rebuild and how people don’t have enough loss of use coverage especially, as the rental housing becomes saturated and the cost to rent inflates.

It is a devastating situation but as insurance professionals it causes us to look at ourselves and either say good job or we could have done more. I find comfort in knowing we at Warren G. Bender Co. can say “good job”.

Stats as of 10/17/17


• In unified command with Santa Rosa Fire Department & Sonoma County Sheriff
• CAL FIRE Incident Management Team assigned
• 23 civilian fatalities & 1 private water tender operator

Tubbs Fire, Sonoma and Napa Counties (more info…)
Between Calistoga and Santa Rosa
• 36,432 acres, 91% contained
• Significant number of structures destroyed

Pocket Fire, Sonoma County (more info…)
North of Geyserville
• 12,430 acres, 63% contained

Nuns Fire, Sonoma County (more info…)
East of Hwy 12 from east Santa Rosa to east of Sonoma
• 54,423 acres, 80% contained
• The Oakmont Fire burned into the Nuns Fire overnight.

• CAL FIRE Incident Management Team assigned

Atlas Fire, Napa & Solano Counties (more info…)
South of Lake Berryessa and northeast of Napa
• 51,064 acres, 83% contained
• 6 civilian fatalities
• Significant structures destroyed

• CAL FIRE Incident Management Team assigned

Redwood Valley, Mendocino County (more info…)
North of Hwy 20 in Potter Valley and Redwood Valley
• 35,800 acres, 75% contained
• 8 civilian fatalities
• Significant structures destroyed

Sulphur Fire, Lake County (more info…)
Clearlake Oaks
• 2,207 acres, 92% contained

WIND COMPLEX (3 fires)
• CAL FIRE Incident Management Team assigned

Cascade Fire, Yuba County (more info…)

Loma Rica area
• 9,989 acres, 98% contained
• 4 civilian fatalities
• Significant structure destroyed

Lobo Fire, Nevada County (more info…)

Rough and Ready area
• 821 acres, 99% contained
• Multiple structures destroyed

LaPorte Fire, Butte County (more info…)
Bangor area
• 6,151 acres, 98% contained


Fallon Fire, Alameda County NEW
Fallon Road, 3 miles east of Dublin
• 116 acres, 70% contained

**Unified Command Incidents**

Bear Fire, Santa Cruz County (more info…) NEW
Bear Creek Canyon Road, northeast of Boulder Creek
• 271 acres, 10% contained

**Federal Incidents**

Wilson Fire, Los Angeles County (more info…) NEW
Mount Wilson, Mount Wilson Observatory
• 30 acres, 25% contained

Buffalo Fire, San Diego County (more info…) NEW
Camp Pendleton
• 1,088 acres, 50% contained

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