For Businesses

At Warren G. Bender Co., we believe proactive communication is the key to developing a consultative relationship with our customers. We are dedicated to delivering information to you whether it pertains to your account or generally about the insurance marketplace.

Our customer communication includes our sponsoring seminars at least twice a year, sending out regular mailings and
newsletters, calling to talk with you about changes your business may be undergoing, and “e-blasting” (broadcast e-mailing) important insurance news as it becomes available.


We spend time learning about you and your exposure to risk. Our aim is to let you know what options are available in the insurance marketplace and what makes sense for YOU. We discuss risk transference methods (contractual), taking on more of the risk (deductibles/self-insuring), alternative risk financing (captives/profit sharing plans) and ways to control costs and losses.


You can easily reach us. If your account manager is not available, backups are in place to address your needs and respond quickly to questions and requests. We are your fulltime partners.


We team you with specialists in other professions who can deliver a variety of services to assist with personal and business planning.


We stay current with emerging insurance legislation, maintaining a presence and furthering the interests of our clients whenever possible. We make our voices heard as your representative. Members of our staff are on the board of Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of California, and are actively involved in other trade associations.

Our concern and dedication comes from depth of experience and years of ongoing customer relationships. We know our efforts will help protect your financial well being, today, and into the future.