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Is Your Business Continuity Plan Missing Key Elements?

When a disaster strikes and interrupts your business operations, you need to take action quickly. Having a business continuity plan in place will help you do just that. But often, continuity plans are missing key elements which could potentially cause problems when you try to get your business back up and running.

The following are a few key elements to check for when reviewing or creating your business continuity plan:
• Vendors—When choosing third-party vendors, thoroughly vet their business continuity plan. Their resilience after a business interruption can affect your company’s operations just as much as theirs, and if business continuity is a priority of theirs, you can confidently do business with them.
• Alternate locations—If the building your business is in experiences a gas leak or flood, can your operations continue in alternate locations? Whether you have an arrangement for a backup office space or allow employees to work remotely, plans for alternate working arrangements need to be in place.
• Situation-specific plans—Your business continuity plan should have one solution: To restore your operations. However, the steps you take to reach that solution are unique to each possible scenario and your continuity plan should reflect that.
• Testing—Practice your plan often, using scenario-based exercises or live walk-throughs. If your backup database administrator can’t remember how to properly recover the database, it is better to discover this in a practice session instead of a real situation.

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