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Brazilian Hacktivists Attack Olympic Broadcasting Services

Despite diligent preparation, it would appear that Olympic Broadcasting Services (OBS)—the host broadcasters responsible for delivering the audio and video to those who purchased rights to broadcast the Olympic games around the world—suffered a data breach during the Olympics in Rio last month. The effect of the data breach could be huge, since OBS is the single largest employer involved in the Olympic games, with more than 7,100 workers from 69 countries on its payroll.

The attack appears to have been the work of a group of Brazilian hacktivists. That group used social media to publish proof of the hack, including OBS employees’ and freelancers’ names, email addresses, job titles, and mobile and landline phone numbers. Some analysts also suspect that the hacktivists may have been responsible for the collapse of an OBS video camera on Aug. 15 that injured some spectators.

Still, the data breach appears to have been relatively limited, thanks to heightened security measures. OBS officials detected the breach quickly, shut down the particular avenue of attack in order to install extra security measures, and sent out an email informing its employees of the breach and reemphasizing the importance of being suspicious of phishing emails.
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