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Ballot Measures Expand Marijuana Use in 8 States

Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbHBallot measures to expand the use of marijuana passed in eight states last month, bringing the total number of states allowing some form of legalized marijuana use to 28, including the District of Columbia.

The following offers a brief summary of those ballot measures:
• Arkansas, Florida, Montana and North Dakota passed ballot measures that allowed or expanded the use of medicinal marijuana.
• California, Maine, Massachusetts and Nevada passed ballot measures that legalized recreational marijuana use.
• Voters in a ninth state, Arizona, rejected a ballot measure that would have legalized recreational marijuana use.

What remains unclear is what stance the Trump administration will take regarding enforcement of federal laws. Currently, marijuana remains illegal under federal law, and distributing marijuana is a federal offense. However, the Obama administration has been relaxed in its enforcement of federal marijuana laws.

Employers may want to review their employment policies regarding marijuana use, as well as consider local and state laws. For more information on what employers’ rights and responsibilities are regarding employee marijuana use, contact Warren G. Bender Co. and ask for our Compliance Bulletin: Marijuana Use Legalized in 8 States.

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