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Guide for Insurance During Home Improvements

As we head into brighter and clearer weather, spring seems to call out the inspiration in all of us. The cravings to start our home improvements must be satisfied. Remodeling or renovations, unpredictably enough have the potential to drastically affect our homeowners insurance or completely put us in the deficit. Here are our opinions and tips on how to approach home improvements.

Strategizing your home improvement(s) can be cumbersome and often times can leave you unsure on how to properly approach the situation. Deciding who will be doing the work is a very big decision and how this decision is made can make or break the project. Be sure to do your research and see the below table for helpful tips once you have decided.

If a loss does happen you could potentially be in violation of your insurance contract and coverage may be voided. This type of situation can be avoided by simply calling your insurance agent at Warren G. Bender Co. where we will review your insurance contract with you; let you know if additional temporary coverages will be needed and what the options are to protect you.

Dealing with DIY or having a contractor come to do your home improvement(s), are two very separate situations. Below you will find our chart that we trust will help you obtain the proper knowledge to embark on your home improvements with ease of mind, knowing that you will have proper and adequate protection.

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