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Eskaton Foundation Names Stephen Bender CEO of the Year

Stephen Bender, President and CEO of the Warren G. Bender Co., was recently named CEO of the Year at an Eskaton Foundation gala attended by more 300 executives. The annual Eskaton Foundation Celebration of CEOs was held at a Crocker Road estate in Sacramento, CA.

Using the criteria of “Community-minded, Engaged, and One-of-a-Kind,” the selection committee selected Bender, one of the region’s most esteemed CEO’s, because of his longstanding belief in giving back, his engagement in the community, and his one-of-a-kind spirit. “I can’t think of anyone more passionate about the value of philanthropy in this community. He is empowering, and his endearing demeanor is contagious and commands respect,” said Kim Rhinehelder, President of Eskaton Foundation. “He is always the first to pick up the phone to say ‘Good job.’ We’re lucky Stephen is part of this community.”

Founded in 1938 by Warren G. Bender, the family-owned business prides itself on the simple foundation of honesty and integrity. Stephen Bender joined the company in 1972, became President in 1986, then CEO in 2003. As CEO, he is dedicated to instituting the founding values of the Warren G. Bender Co. and achieving the vision set forth by its owners and employees: To be the finest, independent, locally owned insurance and risk management brokerage in its marketing region, serving the best interests of its clients and communities.

Guests at the Eskaton Foundation event explored information tables that showcased the foundation’s programs and services. Rob Stewart, KVIE’s Rob on the Road producer and host, addressed the audience with his light humor and belief that seniors matter. “Serving as the keynote for this outstanding organization, especially because their mission serves seniors, was important to me,” said Stewart. “Seniors are the strongest generation, yet often forgotten, and if I can be a change-agent, I’m happy to do so.”

Eskaton Foundation’s Philanthropic Partner Program creates meaningful partnerships with companies that help reach target audiences, engage employees through volunteerism and deepen relationships with customers while meeting corporate citizenship goals.

About Eskaton Foundation
Eskaton Foundation believes that seniors are visible, not invisible. It believes that seniors can grow older and bolder as they age. With only 2% of all giving in the United States directed towards senior causes, Eskaton Foundation is aiming to change that. It believes seniors matter. For more information, please call (916) 334-0810, or visit

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WGBCO Assistance with Workplace Posters

Warren G. Bender Co. is proud to be a resource for our commercial client’s HR needs. Part of that is providing CA workplace posters, for which we start collecting orders in late August (1st poster is free and each subsequent English poster is at a reduced rate of $15).

The media has been buzzing about minimum wage law changes effective 7/1/17, with some HR vendors pushing for “total poster replacement.” The good news is that you don’t need to purchase a new/updated 2017 poster. In fact, most of our clients don’t need to make any changes at all.

Affected clients are those that have employees in Santa Monica, San Francisco, LA City and County and Emeryville ( Those employers are required (as of 7/1/17) to post the new wage orders next to the existing workplace posters. You can find all of the wage orders on the DIR website ( and of course you can always call our HR hotline for more details.

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Required Workplace Posters in California

This document provides direct links to the workplace posters employers are required to display under state law. These posters, including official translated versions, are created and updated by state agencies. Employers must also comply with all applicable federal posting requirements.

Employers must display required posters in a public place where employees can easily access them. While most posters apply to all employers within the state, some may apply to specific industries or employers. Employers can review each poster description to determine whether they are required to display that particular poster.

• No new or updated state posters were found during the last review of this document.

The following posters are required for all employers in California:
• Minimum wage poster
• Paid sick leave poster
• Payday notice
• Emergency contact poster
• Whistleblower protection poster. This poster must be at least 8.5 inches by 11 inches in size, have margin of 0.5 inches or smaller, and use 14-point or larger font.
• Smoking notice(s): California law requires employers to indicate areas where smoking is prohibited or allowed in the workplace.
Employers must obtain adequate signage to designate these areas from their local law enforcement agencies.
• Discrimination and harassment poster
• Unemployment insurance registration notice
• Unemployment insurance benefit poster
• Time off to vote notice: employers must post this notice at least 10 days before statewide elections. California has not created a model notice to satisfy this requirement. The link below directs employers to the standard employers must reference on the notice.

The following posters affect only employers with the number of employees specified below:
• Pregnancy leave poster: required for all employers that have between five and 49 employees.
• Family care and medical leave poster: required for all employers with 50 or more employees, and all public agencies.
English (government link not functional as of 6/15/17)

Employers must display the following posters only if they are affected by the laws, conditions or requirements specified below:
• State OSHA poster: required for all employers subject to Cal/OSHA.
• Medical record access notice: required for all employers that use hazardous or toxic substances.
• Industrial trucks poster: required for employers that have workers operating forklifts or other industrial trucks or tow tractors.
• Workplace injuries poster: required for all California employers that offer workers’ compensation insurance.
• Workers’ compensation notice: required for all employers subject to California’s workers’ compensation laws.
Employers must obtain the “Notice of Workers’ Compensation Carrier and Coverage” from their insurance carrier.
• Farm labor contractor pay notice: required for all labor contractors licensed by the Division of Labor Standards Enforcement. The notice must be at least 12 inches high and 10 inches wide.

California wage orders regulate work conditions in certain industries. Employers in these industries must display the appropriate industry-specific poster.
• Wage order #1: manufacturing industry
• Wage order #2: personal services industry
• Wage order #3: canning, freezing and preserving industry
• Wage order #4: professional, technical, clerical, mechanical and similar occupations
• Wage order #5: public housekeeping industry
• Wage order #6: laundry, linen supply, dry cleaning and dyeing industry
• Wage order #7: mercantile industry
• Wage order #8: industries handling products after harvest
• Wage order #9: transportation industry
• Wage order #10: amusement and recreation industry
• Wage order #11: broadcasting industry
• Wage order #12: motion picture industry
• Wage order #13: industries preparing agricultural products for market, on the farm
• Wage order #14: agricultural occupations
• Wage order #15: household occupations
• Wage order #16: certain on-site occupations in the construction, drilling, logging and mining industries
• Wage order #17: miscellaneous employees

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Share Your Positive WGBCO Customer Experience for a Reward

At Warren G. Bender Co., hearing that we’ve done right by our customers through testimonials and reviews is, not only rewarding, but validating in knowing we are succeeding in our mission. With that in mind, we would like to offer a proposition for our satisfied clients… we are actively trying to build our testimonial/reviews that are online on the following channels:

Google Reviews:

If you would be so kind to share on one or all of these platforms your awesome experience with us, we will send you (2) movie passes as a thank you!

We know that having good reviews carries a lot of clout nowadays and your help in bettering our positive presence online would be so appreciated.
Once you’ve completed your positive review(s), please email our Brand Manager, Jillian Bender-Cormier, to redeem your movie passes:

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Political Discussions Hurt Job Performance

Many people can get worked up about politics, but a new survey from the American Psychological Association (APA) has shown that political discussions in the workplace can have a big impact on your employees’ job performance.

The APA surveyed U.S. employees about the impact of political discussions after the 2016 presidential election, and found that these discussions have a detrimental effect on job performance and relationships with co-workers. The survey found that 40 percent of employees have experienced a negative outcome following a workplace political discussion, such as reduced productivity or difficulty getting work done. Additionally, 24 percent of employees said they avoid some co-workers solely because of their politics.

According to the APA, social networks and constant news reports can cause individuals to adopt an “us versus them” political mentality, which can lead to conflict. As a result, it’s important to encourage respect, collaboration and courtesy in your workplace to ensure that your employees feel supported and remain productive.

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