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Concussions Shown to Have Long-term Effects on Drivers

According to a new study from the University of Georgia, the effects of a concussion can persist in drivers even after the immediate symptoms have subsided.

The study placed drivers into a simulator 48 hours after they could no longer feel the direct effects of a concussion. Once in the simulator, researchers noted that the participants were likely to drive erratically and have less control. In fact, the researchers also noted that the driving patterns of the participants at times appeared similar to someone driving under the influence of alcohol.

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Rules Regarding the Commercial Use of Drones Delayed

Rules regarding the commercial use of unmanned aerial systems (UAS), commonly referred to as drones, have been delayed until key issues are addressed—namely the ban on flights over pedestrians. However, the anti-regulatory push by the Trump administration means that commercial drone flights may see extended delays.

Currently, drones may not be used for any commercial purpose if they fly over pedestrians, as the vehicles are not yet considered reliable enough to ensure that they will not crash. And, although the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) believed that rules regarding the commercial use of drones would be created before the end of 2016, discussions relating to enforcement of the regulations delayed the rule-making process.

Experts believe that before a new rule can be proposed, manufacturers will have to create a set of standards to ensure that no pedestrians can be hurt, such as establishing a minimum distance between drones and anyone on the ground. However, with the current freeze on federal regulations still in effect, it’s unknown when final rules will be proposed.

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Trump Administration Seeks to Reduce Regulations

President Donald Trump has recently taken steps to fulfill his campaign promise to eliminate up to 75 percent of federal regulations. The president believes that limiting the introduction of new regulations and eliminating those that are no longer needed will help businesses grow without worrying about regulatory burdens. The Trump administration issued two directives to reduce regulations:

• A memorandum that directs federal agencies to freeze regulations that have not yet become effective
• An executive order that requires federal agencies to eliminate two regulations for every new regulation that they propose

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