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2014: Year of the Recall

Everyone wants to know their personal vehicles are as safe as they can be, but the record number of auto recalls through the first half of 2014 is a troubling sign for drivers everywhere.

More than 37 million vehicles have been recalled so far this year, already surpassing the record 30.8 million vehicle mark set in 2004. About every 2 in 3 recalls have been General Motors (GM) vehicles. The company recalled over 6.7 million vehicles in early July for a faulty ignition switch and has recalled a total of nearly 30 million vehicles in 2014 alone.

Several reasons have been offered for the record number of recalls. After the “unintended acceleration” Toyota recall of four years ago, car companies have become overly cautious to avoid another major fiasco. Additionally, advancements in vehicle software have led to many failures not previously seen, and as more cars rely on computers, we can expect to see an increase in software-related recalls.
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